What We Do

Formed in 2017, bloomin' dementia is a charity FOCUSED and committed to the relief of those living with dementia and related disorders in nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

We aim to do so by the provision of assessment, intervention, respite and social inclusion for such persons and their families:

  • Dementia advocacy in the local community
  • Interventions and extended support
  • Workshops and social time
  • Accrual of statutory benefits and payments
  • To promote person-centered independent living

our mission

Bloomin' Dementia is a wholly hands-on and operational community charity.

We aim to offer support to individual (and their close family) with dementia in the forms of inclusion, social activities, training, benefits accrual and respite.

achieving our goals

Through the support of a strong local community involving both indiviuduals and businesses  we are able to carry out various fundraising activities to allow us to provide support and help to those who need it.

We pride ourselves on being a hands-on charity, providing front-line and practical support to those individuals living with dementia and their families in various ways. In order to achieve this, we hold regular events, supported by local businesses and carry out fun fundraising activities such as auctions and sales of donated items in order to allow us to raise much-needed funds to maintain our level of support to the families we currently work with and reach out to new cases whenever needed.

Find out more about our events here.

You can get involved by volunteering or making a direct donation - learn more here.